Jewellery Talk

Ksenia Verstunina

Fashion blogger, 25, the beauty of Istanbul.

It was a warm and welcoming start to exploring Istanbul with Ksenia. In surprising little quarters of the magnificent architecture of the old city, we chatted over chai about Istanbul and powerful daywear with statement jewellery. We visited Sultan Ahmet with a baklava stop at Hafiz Mustafa's café and finished with a stroll along the fisherman's Galata bridge towards Taksim Square. 

Describe your best moments living in Istanbul.

There are lots of great moments living in Istanbul - the positivity of the people, delicious food, and of course I get to enjoy this wonderful city with my beloved husband.

How is it different to your home in Russia?

Istanbul is a unique city. It is not like any other city in the world. It is really cold in Russia so the climate here is totally different for me. I really miss the Russian new year and snow! It may seem strange but there are some similarities between Turkish and Russian culture including some of the cuisine. I can call Istanbul my home.

What is your perspective on contemporary fashion in Istanbul?

The everyday style is very relaxed and casual. At the same time jewellery is a very prominent feature of styling.

What inspires your work as a Fashion Blogger?

The beauty of inspiration hits me when I least expect it. This could be whilst walking around the streets of Istanbul and noticing more of the city’s fascinating and beautiful features. My inspiration is also from the people of Istanbul, other fashion bloggers and my amazing friends. I pay attention to detail so I see beauty everywhere!

Which colours express your personality?

I love bright colours and of course red. Red really expresses my passion and positive energy that I give to people around me and my readers.

Which is your favourite jewellery piece?

I’m madly in love with jewellery from around the world to compliment my daywear. Most of all I love big earrings and necklaces that enhance my style for the day.  I love wearing headpieces with my daywear. The 'Raina' headpiece from the Queen of Hearts collection suits my passionate personality.  

What would you wear large jewellery pieces with?

I would wear large earrings encrusted with diamond and pearIs with an evening dress or as part of my daywear. Large jewellery pieces can be teamed up with almost everything. I even rock out some large pieces with a boyfriend style sweater.

Last beautiful words?

Women are all beautiful. We are all individually unique so be yourself and be confident to create your own style.

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