Attia Shiraz

Attia Shiraz Jewellery draws inspiration by all women’s exotic formation and colours. She incorporates unique and colourful gemstones to contrast against 22ct gold-plated surfaces. This combined with traditional craftsmanship influenced from the Mughal period, Attia delivers luxurious jewellery to celebrate women.

I want women of all ages, colours and shapes to feel confident wearing a piece of jewellery that will transform their outfit, no matter what they are wearing.

Attia’s passion for costume jewellery started early in childhood when she watched in fascination her mother opening that all precious Mughal gold jewellery box to decide which items to wear for her fabulous day wear to celebratory occasions. The intricate pieces amazed her and she could not resist trying on the amazing gold bracelets, the delicate earrings and headpieces worn for weddings and the variety of different necklaces and rings that dazzle. Thus began Attia’s creativity with how to transform an outfit with jewellery to look and feel fabulous at all time – just what she intends for her clients!

To fire her artistic inspiration, Attia travels frequently across the world to find inspiration for new jewellery pieces. She also takes this opportunity to meet with the best of the local craftsmen with whom she works to create her designs. 

A piece of jewellery for a woman can make different types of statement and especially when it holds a story of its own or carries a proud legacy of cultural influences that are expressed when worn; like the origin of the piece, the inspiration behind it and the handwork. I intend to keep this pattern alive within my collections.

   Explore Attia’s Jewellery Collections and Make Your Statement!

‘I Am A Goddess’

A heavenly collection to represent every woman’s inner Goddess. Divine gold flows with encrusted diamonds and pearls

‘Queen Of Hearts’

 Mirrors the sultry passions of a woman in love. Wear empowered pieces in deep red and floral formation of flowers.

 ‘Ocean Dreams’

Contrasting geometric shapes meet the depths of the turquoise sea. Natural beauty with an elegant twist.


An intricate interpretation of the secret pleasures of Mughal Empire.